Keep numerous health problems away by cycling regularly

Cycling can improve many health problems

Cycling helps in improving mental as well as physical health thus reducing the chances of facing many health issues. You can add cycling to your fitness regime and see the benefits. It is the best aerobic exercise that helps you gain overall health and fitness. While cycling in fresh air outdoors, your mind and body feels refreshed. While you pedal you are exercising your muscles that promote stamina and strength.

Obesity and weight management

Cycling is the best way to reduce/manage weight as it increases your metabolic rate, burns fats and builds muscles. If you are planning to lose weight then you can combine cycling with a balanced eating plan. Cycling is the easiest exercise wherein you can manage the intensity and time on your own. You can increase the intensity and time slowly to suit you.

Research says that steady cycling helps burn nearly 300 calories per hour. If you can cycle two times a day, the extra calories burn faster.

Cycling and cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease are life threatening. They include heart attack, high BP and stroke. Regular cycling can stimulate and improves your blood circulation and function of heart and lungs, reducing the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Cycling also help strengthening the muscles of your heart reduces the fat levels in the blood and lowers the resting pulse. Research says that if you cycle to your workplace 2 to 3 times, you are less exposed to pollution that other vehicle commuters are exposed to. This way the function of your lungs improves with cycling.

Cycling and cancer

Many studies have studies the connection between cancer an exercise, especially in case of colon and breast cancer. Researchers say that regular cycling reduces the chances of bowel cancer. Some studies say the regular cycling also eliminates the chances of breast cancer.

Cycling and Diabetes

As we know that the rate of diabetes especially type 2 is growing and it is a serious matter of concern. Lack of physical activity is the major reason why people are going through this health ailment. Research says that people who cycled 30 minutes or more on a daily basis lower the risk of causing diabetes.


Arthritis, bone injuries and cycling

Cycling is helpful in improving balance, strength and coordination. It can also help avoid fractures and falls.

Cycling and Mental Illness

Mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression can be eliminated or reduced by regular cycling. This is because of the fun and enjoyment while you are cycling. You mind is busy in coordinating with the balance and pedalling while you are cycling.


Cycling is a basic exercise that you can include in your daily routine to stay fit and stay away from health problems. If you are suffering with a health ailment and if you can cycle, then go for it as it can help you enhance your health condition. Make sure you cycle consistently and do not miss cycling in your daily routine to get better results.

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