Cycling fans often times are in the ages of 30-40 and most of us have at least 1 child or a few more on the way, therefore we need to make sure that we get the correct stroller for our bicycle so that can be attached and we can take our children with us on our cycling conquests.

In this article, I’ll break down some of my favorite strollers and focus on what’s new in the baby cycling space which has allowed for parents to now take their children with them on their cycling adventures.

To start off with breaking down the first baby stroller that can be attached to a bicycle, I’ve found the Graco Room2 Baby Stroller recommended by Delicious. This stroller is a sit and stand stroller, so while one of your children is taking a seat the other can stand on the platform. This is perfect as a cycling enthusiast as we can then attach the stroller to our bicycle and have 2 children along for the ride. When one of your children gets tired, you can have them switch over to the seating role while the other stands behind them.

Next I would recommend getting the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller. Similar to the Graco RoomFor2 it has both a sitting and a standing element. If you prefer you can put the older child on the standing platform and have your younger child or baby, sitting down in the cart. This stroller is different to the one listed above as it has several attachments that make it perfect for various weather conditions. When a baby is born their skin is often very sensitive to sunlight and rain, therefore this stroller has the attachment of a rain cover and a sunshade, allowing your child to get a perfect day or night of sleep while you are cycling away.

So that sums up all of our stroller bike recommendations we hope you enjoyed reading and got some information from this!

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